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Story of the chief of Onaght O Donechu

Three men had to make their way past the gatekeeper to the Underworld. They were in order the Earl of Desmond, his cousin the Lord Fitzmaurice and last in line Rory Mor of Ross, the Chief of Onaght O Donechu. When the Earl of Desmond was told to declare himself when he reached the Gatekeeper, […]

Bill Doody and the rentman

This story would have probably been created in the eighteenth or nineteenth century.  A very typical local hero story In one of those entertaining legends so plentiful in the South and South West of Ireland, we have an amusing illustration of the firm belief of the people in O’Donoghue’s powers.  It is a treasure legend, […]

The Legend of O’Donoghue

The Legend of O’Donoghue Background There are a great many tales about Dónall Ó Donnchú or Daniel O’Donoghue, who, some say, was a twelfth century chieftain and the grandson of the Donogh from whom the O’Donoghue name was taken.

Old Clonbroney

Ghost story of Donohoe’s, a milling family outside of Ballinalee in Longford, as told to me by my mother.