The Irish Folklore Centre

Providing a focus for the whole Irish folk tradition

Welcome to The Irish Folklore Centre

This site is for those who get enjoyment from the tales contained in Irish myth, legend and folklore.  We all have our favourite stories.  If you’d like to share them with others, please send them to me and I will upload them under your name.

Back in 2011 I published Heroic Landscapes: Irish Myth & Legend and launched The Irish Folklore Centre within the umbrella of The O’Donoghue Society web site.  I am now relaunching it as a standalone entity in the hope that we can create a community of mutual interest for the young, old and those in between.

Anyone can add their comments to any story, so feel free to say, for instance, why you like it, point out alternative versions, discuss any features in it and so on.

Nothing complicated, just a bit of entertainment…